Mumbai Indians Fury – Mumbai

₹ 1500 per person 30 minutes

Unleash the Hitman in you – Let the vibrant energy of Rohit Sharma fuel your smashing spree as you release tension and embrace freedom. Book your adventure now and let the celebration begin!” 🎉🔨

Per Person: 20 beer bottles, 20 balloons, 4 ceramic cups, 4 tea glasses, 4 glass bowls, 2 tube lights and 2 big fancy vases

“This was the best way to celebrate the beginning of this IPL season. I went on an adventure to discover my emotions and paint my own story with Rage Room’s new Mumbai Indians Fury package. Don’t miss this one out if you want to try something new while cheering for your team” – Rajesh Kumar

Are you seeking the ultimate release perfect for a Mumbai Indian fan? Dive into our new Mumbai Indians rage room extravaganza! Let go of stress and paint your emotions with every smash. Join us for an exhilarating experience where every hit embodies the spirit of Mumbai Indians’ resilience and victory.

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🏏 Imagine this: you, your friends, or your colleagues draped in Mumbai Indians’ blue, wielding cricket bats and helmets, entering the arena with the confidence of champions. Feel the adrenaline surge as you unleash a barrage of powerful shots, smashing through obstacles, targets, and barriers. It’s more than just hitting boundaries; it’s about shattering limitations, embracing the euphoria of victory, and forging enduring memories with fellow fans. This isn’t merely stress relief; it’s a jubilant celebration of cricket, fervor, and pure exhilaration. Get ready to roar with pride in the ultimate Mumbai Indians adventure! 🎉🔥

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“This was an unforgettable fusion of IPL spirit and adrenaline-pumping release. It’s the perfect way to celebrate with a bang!” – Rajesh Kumar