Want to open Rage Room x Neon Splash n Paint Room in your city? We’ll help you!

Minimal investment. High return. Expert marketing team backing you. Proven business model to ensure you start up with zero mistakes and enjoy the profits rolling in. You put in the money, find the location, and we operate it for you – so that you get passive income!

In the last 1 month, 482+ people RELEASED their pent-up emotions and found happiness in our safe and private spaces across India.

What is Rage Room x Neon Splash n Paint Room offering?

An activity center where people come to experience unique activity.  Contact us on WhatsApp for videos and photos.

 Investment INR: 6 lakhs to 10 lakhs (inclusive of franchise fees)

Area required: 800 sq ft

Annual RoI: 

Payback Period: 6-12 months

Contract period: 5 years

 Models: FOFO (not available for metro cities), FICO, and FOCO – contact us for more details.

Reach out to us on WhatsApp +91-8618814631 with your location if you are interested in working with us.

On a mission to redefine emotional wellness in India 🇮🇳

I’ve danced to the tune of conformity more times than I can count. The world seems eager to hand me a script—to tell me how to dress, what to do, how to talk, and even how to feel.