Transformation Therapy

In our rage room, healing begins – embrace your suppressed feelings and let them bloom into empowerment.

Our innovative AI chatbot and dedicated human coach will guide you through the three steps of Reckon, Rumble, and Revolution to help you gain clarity, authenticity, and purposeful action. Say goodbye to hours of talking without any practical tangible results. 

Step 1: Reckon – Embrace Your Emotions

Walking into Your Story

Step into the realm of self-awareness. In this first step, you will courageously confront your suppressed emotions and grant yourself permission to feel, to vent, and to heal. Shatter glass and demolish obstacles and photos of painful memories and people at rage room – and watch your pain transform into power.

Examine with our AI Chatbot

Our innovative AI chatbot companion acts as your guide. It asks the pivotal questions that lead you to delve deeper into your emotions. Through thoughtful prompts, you’ll uncover layers of your feelings and begin to see patterns you might have missed.


  • Emotional Liberation: Release pent-up feelings and experience the catharsis of letting go.
  • Empowerment: Transform vulnerability into strength as you acknowledge your emotions.
  • Curiosity Unleashed: Ignite your curiosity to understand the root of your emotions.

Step 2: Rumble – Uncover Your Narrative

Raw, Uncensored Exploration

Now, it’s time to lay your struggle bare. Through candid introspection, aided by our AI bot’s incisive queries, you’ll construct a raw and uncensored account of your personal narrative. This journey isn’t about judgment; it’s about understanding the stories you tell yourself, the emotions that guide you, and the sensations that reside within.

Crafting Your Narrative with coach and ai

With the support of our AI bot and human coach, you’ll refine your narrative. The keywords you provide will be elaborated into a comprehensive account, enabling you to fully own your story in its rawest form.


  • Clarity: Gain a crystal-clear understanding of your thought processes and emotional landscape.
  • Authenticity: Embrace your story with vulnerability and honesty, fostering a deeper connection with yourself.
  • Empathetic Support: Our human coach stands by your side, offering guidance as you navigate your narrative.

Step 3: Revolution – Ignite Your Liberation

Aha Moments and Action Plans

In this pivotal phase, the fog clears, and you experience the “aha” moments that bring understanding and clarity. From this newfound perspective, you’ll formulate an action plan fueled by the insights you’ve unearthed. Your transformation becomes tangible as you envision a future aligned with your true self.

Your Journey, Your Revolution

At this stage, your journey doesn’t end—it transforms into a lifelong revolution. Our supportive partner will stand by your side, ensuring that the seeds of transformation you’ve sown flourish into tangible changes. Your journey from stress to liberation is now set in motion.


  • Epiphany: Experience the liberation that comes with deep self-realization and insight.
  • Purposeful Action: Craft an actionable plan to translate your newfound understanding into real-world changes.
  • Accountability: Our dedicated partner will connect with you twice in six months, providing guidance and support as you implement your plans.

Standard Package: 5149 Rs/-

What all is included?

Rage Room Sapling package + 1 vessel with a printout + 3 months access to (AI chatbot companion designed to help you identify the core issues) + 3 sessions with our human coach + Highly effective worksheets to help you transform

Lite package: 1299 Rs/-

(not recommended, choose this only if you genuinely have a major financial crunch – because having a human coach to hand-hold you through the challenges and having a lot more items to break makes a major difference)

What all is included?

Rage Room Shoot package + 3 months access to (AI chatbot companion designed to help you identify the core issues) + Highly effective worksheets to help you transform