Bengaluru – Jayanagar

Beat the bengaluru traffic, take it out on those mean IT bosses or just take out your girlfriend on that lovely date

Location: Near South End Circle Metro Station and Pai Vista Convention Hall, Basavanagudi

Main Packages

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Just ₹9 per person

1 beer bottle, 1 balloon for 1 minute

₹1499 per person

₹1350 per person (for group of 3 or more)

20 minutes in total
Per Person: 20 beer bottles, 10 balloons, 1 big sitting stool, 1 tubelight, 2 fancy vases, 3 tea glasses, 3 ceramic mugs, 2 glass bowls, 1 glass jar

Maximum items in a great combo package for a thrilling experience.

Starting from ₹499 per person

Starting from 10 minutes

Per Person: 6 beer bottles, 6 balloons, 2 ceramic mugs, 2 tea glasses

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