Breakup Therapy Bangalore

₹ 1500 per person 30 minutes

Heal Through Havoc – Embrace Your Breakup Blues with our ‘Therapeutic Outburst’ Package!

Per Person: 20 beer bottles, 20 balloons, 4 ceramic cups, 4 tea glasses, 4 glass bowls, 2 tube lights and 2 big fancy vases

Unleash your post-breakup emotions in a safe, cathartic 20-minute session. Our Breakup Therapy Package lets you symbolically smash away the pain of heartbreak. You can bring the items that represent past relationships, and physically let go by smashing your ex’s gifts and photos. It’s time to let that pain out. Perfect for those needing a satisfying release from emotional baggage.

“Hulk allowed me to explore a different side of myself. Breaking things might seem unusual, but it’s incredibly liberating. I left with a sense of renewal and newfound courage!” – Nikhil Desai

Unlock. Heal. Release. Mend the Heart with ‘Breakup Bliss’! Are you prepared for a transformative journey through the spectrum of emotions and empowerment? Introducing our ‘Breakup Bliss’ package – a powerful 20-minute session crafted to help you mend and rediscover your inner strength.

“Wow, talk about an adrenaline rush! This is an explosion of emotions and sheer exhilaration. I felt like a warrior, taking on my stress head-on. This package is an absolute blast!” – Nisha Kapoor

Step into our serene therapy room armed with a toolkit of emotions – from sadness and anger to resilience and self-love – all at your disposal to navigate the complex landscape of heartbreak. Release your pent-up feelings with each moment of reflection, finding solace in the process of healing. This extended session allows you to delve deeper into your emotions, letting go of pain and replacing it with newfound clarity. Whether it’s the end of a relationship, personal challenges, or the twists of fate, our breakup therapy provides the ultimate cathartic experience.

“Shooting my stress away was the highlight of my week! The rage room adventure is a thrilling adventure that lets you release all the tension in style. Can’t wait to bring my friends next time!” – Arjun Verma

Immerse yourself in the journey, embrace the healing, and emerge stronger than before. Don’t hold back – our ‘Breakup Bliss’ package guarantees a profound release of emotions, leaving you renewed and ready to embrace a brighter future. Unlock, heal, and thrive – book your ‘Breakup Bliss’ experience now!”

“If you need an outlet for your pent-up emotions, this is the answer. Armed with weapons, you’ll feel like a total warrior. Afterward, you’ll be amazed at how much lighter you feel!” – Riya Patel