Animal Edition

₹ 799 per person 15 minutes

Per person: 2 cups, 2 tea glasses, 2 small bowls, 10 beer bottles, 15 balloons.

Roar with Ranbir! Unleash your inner Animal in a themed Rage Room adventure. Exclusive memorabilia, stress-busting fun—book now!

Unleash your inner Animal with the “Animal Edition” package, inspired by Bollywood’s current sensation – Ranbir Kapoor. Dive into a rage-filled adventure with exclusive memorabilia, a themed Rage Room. Break free from stress in an immersive environment featuring you in your very own Animal avatar and curated playlist. Perfect for movie enthusiasts, stress-busters, and group events. And guess what…Your Animal behavior is Rage Room approved. Let the beast within roar – book your unforgettable experience now!