⭐⭐⭐Bangalore Influencer Package- 3

₹ 3499 30 minutes

Smash & Share VIP Influencer Package! 💥📸

30 beer bottles, 15 balloons, 1 big sitting stool, 1 tubelight, 2 fancy vases, 6 tea glasses, 6 ceramic mugs, 4 glass bowls.

Welcome to our exclusive Rage Room Influencer Package – where smashing, bashing, and thrashing meet your epic review quest! We’re dishing out a free pass to the ultimate stress-busting extravaganza at our Rage Room, designed exclusively for influencers. You can bring 1 friend along for free in this package.

Eligibility: Minimum avg of 300k views on your reels

Hey Reel Stars! Ready to turn stress into content gold? Join our exclusive Smash & Share VIP Package tailored for influencers with a magic touch – like yours. And the best part? It’s all on the house!

🔨 Rage Room Bliss: Say goodbye to stress as you unleash controlled chaos! Let loose with smashing sessions

📹 Content Creation Magic: Capture your smashing moments! We encourage live posts, stories, and reels—showcase your adrenaline-packed adventure to your followers and watch the engagement skyrocket!

Why Join the Rage Room Party?
🌟 Free Access: Experience our Rage Room on the house! Share your authentic experience and emotions with your audience—all in exchange for a roaring review of our one-of-a-kind service.

🚀 Engage Your Audience:
Shake up your profile! Give your followers a peek into the unexpected and watch them cheer for more exciting content!

How to Get in on the Action?
Drop us a DM and we’ll get you booked into an unforgettable experience.