Seed Package

₹ 299 per person 5 minutes

Release the Tension – Plant the Seed of Liberation!

Per Person: 4 beer bottles, 2 ceramic mugs, 2 tea glasses, 1 small glass bowl

Feeling overwhelmed by stress and frustration? Unleash your inner power with our “Seed” package – a quick and satisfying 5-minute session that lets you break free from daily pressures. Smashing a few items may seem simple, but the cathartic release is truly extraordinary.

“I’m usually a calm person, but trying the ‘Seed’ package was an absolute blast! It’s a quick burst of joy and relief, like popping a stress bubble. Highly recommend it to anyone needing a mini escape!” – Aarav Sharma

“Seed might be the shortest session, but it packs a punch! Breaking stuff was more satisfying than I ever imagined. You’ll leave with a smile on your face, guaranteed!” – Zara Khan



Release the Tension – Plant the Seed of Liberation! Discover the sheer joy of breaking things without any consequences. Whether it’s the demanding workload, pesky annoyances, or everyday challenges, our rage room offers a safe and exhilarating environment to vent it all out. In just 5 minutes, you’ll feel the weight lift off your shoulders, replaced by an empowering rush of liberation. Embrace the raw energy as you shatter objects and turn your frustration into triumph.

“”In just 5 minutes, I felt a wave of liberation like never before! This package allowed me to let go of my daily worries and frustrations. It’s an incredible way to recharge and feel alive again!” – Priya Sharma

Feel the sheer satisfaction as you unleash the fury on breakables in our rage room. No consequences, just pure exhilaration! Say goodbye to stress, annoying worries, and everyday burdens. Our rage room is your playground to release it all.

“If you need an instant mood lifter, this is it! This is the perfect way to release stress without consequences. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a thrilling and unique experience.” – Alisha Patel

Recharge your mind and spirit, one smash at a time. The “Seed” package is the perfect taste of what our rage room has to offer. Tap into your primal instincts, book now and let the empowerment begin!

“Breaking stuff might seem strange, but the Seed package turned out to be exactly what I needed to blow off steam. It’s like magic – you feel lighter and more relaxed afterward. So much fun!” – Rohan Verma