Hulk Bangalore

₹ 1499 per person 20 minutes

Grow Through Fury – Unleash Your Inner Rage with “Hulk Package”!

Per Person: 20 beer bottles, 10 balloons, 1 big sitting stool, 1 tubelight, 2 fancy vases, 3 tea glasses, 3 ceramic mugs, 2 glass bowls, 1 glass jar

Our rage room is your sanctuary to vent, heal, and emerge as a more grounded individual. The “Hulk” package grants you the time and space to explore the depth of your emotions, allowing suppressed feelings to flourish into empowerment. Experience this powerful metamorphosis firsthand, knowing that letting go doesn’t mean giving up – it means freeing yourself from the chains of stress.

“Hulk allowed me to explore a different side of myself. Breaking things might seem unusual, but it’s incredibly liberating. I left with a sense of renewal and newfound courage!” – Nikhil Desai



Lock. Load. Unleash. Embrace the Fury with “Hulk”! Ready for an explosive journey of unbridled anger and liberation? Introducing our “Hulk” package – a thrilling 20-minute session designed to obliterate stress and leave you feeling invincible! Step into our rage room armed with an arsenal of weapons – baseball bats, crowbars, sledgehammers and more – all at your disposal to unleash mayhem on our specially curated breakables.

“Wow, talk about an adrenaline rush! This is an explosion of emotions and sheer exhilaration. I felt like a warrior, taking on my stress head-on. This package is an absolute blast!” – Nisha Kapoor

Unleash your fury with each swing, finding solace in the symphony of destruction. This extended session allows you to delve deeper into your emotions, banishing negativity and replacing it with newfound clarity. Whether it’s a bad day at work, personal challenges, or the pressures of modern life, our rage room provides the ultimate cathartic experience.

“Shooting my stress away was the highlight of my week! The rage room adventure is a thrilling adventure that lets you release all the tension in style. Can’t wait to bring my friends next time!” – Arjun Verma

Immerse yourself in the frenzy, embrace the chaos, and emerge stronger than ever. Don’t hold back – our “Hulk” package guarantees an unparalleled release of frustration, leaving you recharged and ready to conquer the world. Lock, load, and liberate – book your “Hulk” experience now!

“If you need an outlet for your pent-up emotions, this is the answer. Armed with weapons, you’ll feel like a total warrior. Afterward, you’ll be amazed at how much lighter you feel!” – Riya Patel