Make your own package

Starting from ₹ 499 per person 10 minutes

Release the Tension – Plant the Seed of Liberation! Make your own package by choosing the number of people, items you want to break and the time duration you want it for. The minimum starting time duration is 10 minutes.

Per Person: 6 beer bottles, 6 balloons, 2 ceramic mugs, 2 tea glasses




Release the Tension – Plant the Seed of Liberation! Discover the sheer joy of breaking things without any consequences. Whether it’s the demanding workload, pesky annoyances, or everyday challenges, our rage room offers a safe and exhilarating environment to vent it all out. In just 10 minutes, you’ll feel the weight lift off your shoulders, replaced by an empowering rush of liberation. Embrace the raw energy as you shatter objects and turn your frustration into triumph.

“”In just 5 minutes, I felt a wave of liberation like never before! This package allowed me to let go of my daily worries and frustrations. It’s an incredible way to recharge and feel alive again!” – Priya Sharma

Feel the sheer satisfaction as you unleash the fury on breakables in our rage room. No consequences, just pure exhilaration! Say goodbye to stress, annoying worries, and everyday burdens. Our rage room is your playground to release it all.

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